Effective Interviewing

Effective Interviewing

Learning Format: Classroom

Interviews. We use them to select new employees and new leaders to join our organization, helping us to grow, to prosper and to evolve. However, only about 41% of people who are hired last the first year. This leads to increased turnover, increased stress and, above all, increased cost.

This course helps anyone involved in selecting new employees improve their interview skills. Participants will review current organizational and individual practices and use them to focus on how potential employees fit into the organization’s culture. They will learn how to prepare for interviews. They will learn the legal standards that are used to conduct and evaluate interviews. Ultimately, they will learn how to use behavioral interviewing techniques to evaluate candidates using objective measures to select the right candidate.

Performance Objectives

Helps managers/professionals:

  • Select the right candidate for the right job.
  • Ensure that questions used in the interview process are relevant to the job requirements.
  • Understand that past behavior is an effective way of predicting future behavior.
  • Evaluate candidates effectively using a standard process.


Course Overview

  • Organization and Job Fit: Learners explore the importance of finding the right person for the right job.
  • Preparing for the Interview: Participants learn the necessity of reviewing job descriptions, prioritizing job requirements, and developing behavioral questions and exercises.
  • Keeping it Legal: Participants are taught how to use rubrics and standards for evaluating candidate replies as well as the use of legal questions.
  • Behavioral Interviews: Learners are taught the reasons why behavioral-based interviews are used, including the value of past behavior being an indicator of future behavior.
  • Evaluating Interviews: Participants are shown examples of interview evaluation tools and taught how to use them in determining best candidates.
  • Putting It All Together: Participants review the concepts they have learned and commit to implementing their insights into current and future interview efforts.

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Professionals/Leaders involved in interviewing efforts.
  • Course Length: Four hours (Classroom).
  • Series: Suitable for all environments.
  • Group Size: Nine to 15 people.
  • Prework: No.


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