About Our Founder

Randy G. Will, Chief Executive Officer of RG Will Solutions, LLC, is an Organizational Development and Human Resources professional with over 30 years experience working and consulting with organizations and industries throughout North America.  Randy formed RG Will Solutions with the express purpose to help organizations and individuals lead, manage, develop and retain employees.

Randy  believes the one constant in life is change.  Sometimes, we choose to change.  Sometimes, we are forced to change.  Good leaders know this, recognize this, and adapt accordingly.  He believes there is a glaring leadership deficit in the world today.  The world is changing at such as rapid pace that our old models of leadership and developing leaders are no longer serving us well.  The complexities of a modern world are challenging us to revamp our approach to leadership.  Leadership is no longer a space for just a few, but all of us.  We need everyone to step up and lead.

Randy’s new approach to leadership is built on the enduring principles of authenticity, self-awareness, and flexibility.  This approach leaves behind many of the archaic leadership assumptions of the past and liberates everyone to be an Authentic Leader.