“Authentic Leadership” SNEAK PREVIEW

Soon to be released, “Authentic Leadership” takes 30 years of leadership experience and explains clear and concise principals that will help you to be a better leader.  Here is an excerpt.

Common sense is not very common. So often things happen around us and to us that don’t make sense. People do things and say things that lead to negative consequences. Afterwards, we look back and wonder why they did those things in the first place. Wasn’t it obvious what was going to happen? Why didn’t we see it coming?

The funny thing about looking back at anything is that it always turns out the same. Many of us have heard the old saying that hindsight is 20/20. In other words, most times when we look back at something from the past we see how it came to be. The action created the result. And it should have been obvious to us, shouldn’t it?

If it were that easy, none of us would ever make a mistake. We would live perfect lives, achieve perfect results, and be happy all the time. However, that’s not life. That’s a movie. Have you ever watched an old movie? Does the ending ever change? I love old movies. Perhaps I watch them simply because of their certainty. In life, that’s one island of certainty in a land of constant flux.

Here’s the fun part. Just because we know something is bad for us doesn’t mean we always avoid doing it. Have you ever done or said anything that you knew wouldn’t turn out for the best? If you’re human, you have. Yet, we’re still shocked when it turns out bad for us.

It’s how we apply these ideas that have the capability of making us better people, better parents, better friends, and better leaders. Call them principles, call them common sense, call them baloney. That’s up to you. However, ignore them at your own peril. Remember, we all serve as examples to others. You can be a good example or a bad example. It’s your choice.

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