Authentic Leadership – 4 Hours

Authentic Leadership


Learning Format: Classroom

In today’s world, change is the only constant. In a world that is constantly changing, leadership is an increasingly essential skill. Many programs teach the behaviors associated with great leaders. They promise that if you act a certain way or say a certain thing you can be a great leader. However, great leaders recognize that the only way to become a great leader is to focus on making these behaviors part of their own character. Through development of character, leaders become the best leader they can be.
An Authentic Leader is one who commits to character development. Authentic leaders recognize self-awareness as the most important attribute of great leaders. They commit to recognizing and understanding their own behaviors. They develop themselves as leaders by studying the behaviors associated with great leaders and focus on how they can integrate these behaviors into their own lives.

This course is designed to help leaders learn what they need to do be become more effective leaders. Participants learn fundamental skills that are crucial for authentic leadership and begin applying them to both their work and personal lives.


Performance Objectives

Helps managers/professionals

  • Understand what Authentic Leadership means and how character affects leadership behaviors.
  • Appreciate the impact of paradigms on self-awareness and perception.
  • Learn and apply basic principles of Authentic Leadership.
  • Focus their efforts on areas they can influence the most.
  • Choose effective behaviors to improve long-term results.
  • Understand the influence of culture on organizational and individual actions.
  • Discover ways to further improve self-awareness and leadership perception.

Course Overview

  • Focus on Character: Learners explore the importance of character development and become more aware of their own behaviors.
  • Leadership and Paradigms: Participants focus on recognizing the impact of paradigms on their own behaviors and the perceptions of others.
  • Authentic Leadership Principles: Participants are taught principles that guide Authentic Leaders.
  • Influence Versus Control: Learners explore the importance of influence and learn what they can control.
  • Choosing to be the Best: Participants are shown ways to improve their long-term results.
  • The Influence of Culture: Participants learn how organizational culture impacts behaviors and results.
  • Learn to Earn: Participants review the concepts they have learned and are introduced to additional development opportunities.

Course Details

  • Target Audience: Professionals/Leaders.
  • Course Length: Four hours (Classroom).
  • Series: Suitable for all environments.
  • Group Size: Nine to 25 people.
  • Prework: No.

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